As many people would say, “The numbers don’t lie.” Terrell Owens numbers’ sure don’t lie. Should Owens be a Hall Of Famer? That is the question that many have various opinions about. The 6’3 All-Pro Receiver should have a ballot in his favor without question. Looking at his 15,934 career receiving yards shows more than just being an average player in the NFL. Those numbers show passion, commitment, and being a student of game. Football is a form of entertainment, where people of different cultures can come together to show commonality. You may not know the person next to you, but if they’re wearing the same jersey as you, a bond is formed between fans. Terrell Owens brought people together. From people loving to hate him, to people loving to watch him. T.O.jpgAs a football fan watching Terrell Owens, I was always entertained. I enjoyed watching him in person and could agree that at any stadium he happened to play at, ticket sales increased on a weekly basis. But the question is why has Owens not been enshrined into the Hall of Fame? How can the committee vote against you because of off the field issues?  In 1996, “The Playmaker” Michael Irvin was a part of a scandal on his 30th birthday involving both drugs and prostitutes. Irvin wasn’t suspended or punished and a week later he played in the following game. The Cowboys legend is currently in the Hall of Fame Class of 2007. The Hall Of Fame committee should not take their personal feelings into consideration when selecting players. At the core of the issue, your enshrinement into the Hall of Fame should be based solely upon on the field merit. Something that by any measure, Owens has surpassed many of his predecessors who have been enshrined with legendary fashion.  Off the field issues should not be in discussion, now enjoy your popcorn.