Demarcus “Boogie” Cousins is a top-tier big man in the NBA, but with his stellar play has come disruptive on and off the court issues. But with trade rumors increasing and the deadline looming, Sacramento Kings General Manager Vlade Divac is adamant that Boogie is here to stay. Cousins’ play on the court has never been the issue, he has the perfect combination of physicality and finesse needed for the Power Forward and Center position. 

But his last couple of weeks in the association have not been the easiest to manage. Yesterday, Cousins was issued his 16th technical foul on the season resulting in a one game suspension. The suspension sets an NBA record for the quickest suspension due to technical foul accumulation, breaking the record set by Dwight Howard. Not to mention his $25,000 fine for conduct detrimental to the team after the Kings defeated the Golden State Warriors. Cousins stuck up his middle fingers to a fan after the game and yelled profane remarks Warriors fans.

 Cousins has the responsibilty as the best player on the Kings roster by a far margin. He will be going to his third consecutive all star game, he also averages 28 points and 10 rebounds per game. But albeit his off the court antics, the Kings are sending a message to the rest of the NBA; they’re sticking by their guy for better or for worse. Time and time again, Cousins has verified that on the court he is a change agent for Sacramento. But if his actions don’t turn for the better, he may not be on the court for much longer. Each technical foul assessed to Cousins from here on out will result in a suspension. With Sacramento placing talent over character in this instance, it’s clear to see where their values are on a totem pole. Let’s just hope they’re making the right decision.