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Why would anyone go out of their way to steal Kobe’s framed replica jersey from his high school alma mater? A personal note to whoever has his it, along with the signed pairs of Nikes and cut championship basketball net, don’t let Bryant find out you’re trying to sell any of those things on eBay. Maybe he will come back to Lower Merion High School and give the current students a show. I’m thinking he should posterize the person like he did to Dwight Howard back when he wore the number 8 jersey. Of course, the person will be penalized for the crime but what do you think their penalty will be? Kobe is a hero to the city of Philadelphia and to the sports community in general.



The Kobe and Jordan conversation will always be a topic for the ages. As a vivid sports fan, this argument will always have a major role in sports. When you’re in the barbershop or just out with the fellas, this discussion will always be brought up with passion. The “Kobe vs. Jordan” conversation is always sparked by the most argumentative person of your friend group. That person knows your perspective already but wants you to persuade you and make you change your opinion to theirs. When having this argument with friends, please make sure you talk about the Jordan era with his tongue out and the number 8 Kobe who you didn’t want to meet underneath the rim.