The University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball program has already been established as a dynasty, now another milestone has been added with winning 100 consecutive games. The UConn Lady Huskies reached their 100th straight win with a 66-55 victory over No.6 South Carolina Monday night. The Huskies were lead by Junior Gabby Williams with 26 points, but overall, the UConn ladies were special the entire night. They were battle-tested against a strong South Carolina team coached by Dawn Staley, but they could not defer history from occurring. Congratulations to the UConn Women’s Basketball program, now lets take a look into how they got to win number 100 in a row.


The last time that the Lady Huskies were defeated was on November 17, 2014, at the hands of then No.6 Stanford. UConn was in the midst of a 47 game winning streak at the time, and was predicted to run the table yet again to an undefeated season. Stanford gave their best effort of the season, clinching an 88-86 win in overtime, but this defeat would only propelled the Lady Huskies to their third straight National Championship at the time over Notre Dame.


The streak is still alive, so the Lady Huskies would win their fourth consecutive National Championship in blowout fashion over Syracuse 82-51. Subsequently, 100 consecutive wins was within reach for the Lady Huskies. To start the 2016-2017 season, the winning streak was at 76 games and that was not going to be easy. They would have to beat Maryland and Notre Dame in close contest, but the UConn Lady Huskies are the definition of perseverance.


100 wins in a row is the longest streak in NCAA History, 98 of the wins have come by double digits. They’re the winningest program in NCAA Women’s basketball history with 11 National Championships, including a 3-peat from 2002 to 2004 and a 4-peat from 2013 to present day. Without a doubt the University of Connecticut Women’s Basketball program is a dynasty, they’ve met expectations time and time again, cementing their legacy in NCAA history. If I was a betting man, I would say that they are set for another championship run this year. But it won’t be easy, nothing has ever been for these ladies, so they should be just fine.