Carmelo Anthony has expressed interest in leaving the New York Knicks, and the Knicks have expressed interest in letting him go, the real question is to where? Anthony and Knicks President Phil Jackson have quarreled all season, Jackson even went as far as to offer Anthony to the Los Angeles Clippers for role players. Anthony has a no-trade clause in his contract, so he would have to okay the trade before anything is cemented. It’s clear that Anthony wants to contend for a championship, but with the trade deadline looming, will Anthony be on the move?


Many have speculated that since Kevin Love of the Cavaliers will be out for six weeks after knee surgery, that Anthony should be traded for Love. Anthony would be a great fit in Cleveland, but as a replacement for Love, I think not. Love is superior on the defensive end of the floor, something Anthony is not. Love is a double-double machine averaging 20 points per game and 11.5 rebounds per game. Anthony averages six rebounds per game, the only benefit would be on the offensive end.  Antony is scoring 23 points per game this season, but Kevin Love is the better fit for the Cavaliers transition offense.

NBA: New York Knicks at Indiana Pacers

Anthony to the Indiana Pacers, sounds weird right, but it could happen. The Pacers currently sit sixth in the Eastern Conference, and could use some help. A blockbuster trade would have to occur involving Jeff Teague, Thaddeus Young and Rodney Stuckey of the Pacers. In turn, the Knicks would deal Anthony and Brandon Jennings. Anthony and Paul George on the same squad, that could be interesting. This trade sounds one-sided in favor of the Pacers, but it’s actually even. The Knicks will gain depth in the guard position, something they lack, and the Pacers will have an astounding starting lineup with Anthony, George, and Myles Turner.


Honestly, I do not believe Anthony is leaving New York, his contract would be a big hit to any team that would be inquiring for him. Anthony’s contract, after this year has two years remaining, with roughly $54 million to be paid out. Any team that looks at acquire Anthony would have to either clear their bench or give up an all-star, that’s hard to do for someone who’s in their 30’s with knee problems. Ultimately, Anthony will remain a Knick, unless he ends up with the Pacers.