Last year it was Damian Lilliard, this year Bradley “Real Deal” Beal  is the big NBA All-Star snub. This year the Washington guard has earned his new 5 year $128 million exentsion.  This season, Beal has averaged 22.3 points per game and shooting 47% from the field, both career highs. Most importantly, his play has the Wizards sitting in 3rd place in the Eastern Conference, and looking to challenge Cleveland for the top seed. But why is he not an all-star?


Beal has performed when he’s needed most this season, against premier competition. Overall, the Wizards have won 15 of their last 17 games, including big wins over the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Boston Celtics. He lit up the Celtics for 31 points on 12 of 18 shooting and sliced OKC for 22 points on 7 of 8 shooting. Beal has increased his level of play this season, involving him in conversation as one of the best guards in the Eastern Conference. Let’s not forget he dropped 41 on LeBron and the Cavaliers as well. But still, no All-Star? The final roster spot was decided by NBA Commissioner Adam Silver once Kevin Love was injured, resulting in Carmelo Anthony being the selection. When asked about the snub, Beal expressed his distaste. “I don’t understand” he replied. “If they reward winning, then I don’t understand how the decision was made” Beal added. The Wizards are third in the East, meanwhile the Knicks are hurting at 12th place, just saying. Anthony is an offensive weapon, but I’m giving this one to the Real Deal, based that his play has ascended to new heights this season. Maybe Silver was looking to fill the voided Forward position on an already guard heavy Eastern All-Star team, so he added Anthony. But I’ll let you decide, I’ve described why he is an all-star, now why is he not?