If We Build It, They Will Ball from Kevin Durant, Not Kevin Costner

Seat Pleasant Elementary School will never be the same again, and it’s a good thing. The difference can be felt from the inside out and the effect on the children and community is felt more than ever.

The Kevin Durant Charity Foundation (KDCF), led by his mother Wanda Durant, a native of Seat Pleasant, Maryland unveiled the new renovated basketball court at the elementary school earlier today. Seat Pleasant Elementary Principal Lachonta Richardson called the new court a “level of excellence and a new sense of pride in the community”. As the students were given a free period to enjoy the festivities, Durant made an appearance and could embrace their happiness. With state and county officials, Nike representatives many excited children in attendance, the ribbon was cut and the KDCF Court at Seat Pleasant was open to the public.

Wanda Durant and Principal Lachonta Richardson cutting ribbon for new basketball court

With the KDCF movement spreading to the local areas, the impact of basketball court renovation is also felt around the world. With courts renovated in Oklahoma City, Seattle, Germany and China, Durant looks to set the example for being an inspiration to the youth. “His goal is to refurbish courts all over the world. It’s his responsibility, because when he was a kid, the courts were run down but they would still play. He wants to give kids the opportunity to always play. I’m a believer; build it and they will ball.” Figuratively and literally, Durant was always someone that kids looked up to, and he has accepted his role in uplifting communities through basketball.


IMG_3429Durant’s mother was highly satisfied with their efforts, expressing how proud she was of her son and the foundation by investing in their community. She wants the lasting impact of the newly renovated courts to be that the children know that this is where Kevin started. She also reiterated “With hard work and dedication that this could be your name soon”. Durant went on to explain that she wants the court to serve as an inspiration, a tool to unite the community and push everyone to be their best self. With the Durant’s just getting started in the DMV, look for many other groups of hearts to be touched soon.