What happens inside the gates, stays inside the gates

Team Ariyaun (in yellow) plays Team Bump n Run in the first game of the 2017 season of the Goodman League in Southeast D.C. on May 30. (Roy Lewis/The Washington Informer)


It’s not your ordinary summer league community basketball program the Goodman League is nothing but love inside the gates. Initially known as the  Barry Farms Summer League in 1977, the Goodman League has been coordinated by league commissioner Miles Rawls, aka “Miles on the Mic”. The 20th opening day featured matchups between Team Ariyaun, Bump n Run, Drew All-Stars, and Lincoln Park. Goodman brought out the best in everyone with a contagious cookout atmosphere.  Ariyaun defeated Bump n Run 83-73, and Drew All-Stars vs Lincoln Park was suspended because of inclement weather.

District of Columbia Mayor Muriel Bowser was in attendance and claimed the event to be an institution to the community. “We love Goodman,” Bowser emphasized. “Goodman means so much to the community that last year I granted Miles with the key to the city, and I’ve only given out four. That’s how much Goodman means to this community.” Rawls, who has been league commissioner since 1996, stressed the impact the Goodman League is imprinting on the Barry Farms community. “We’ve had many people from different areas and walks of life participate here and we’re still expanding. It’s been a great ride so far; we’re just focused on being impactful to the area. The Goodman League is what everyone around is looking forward to in the summer. It keeps the people off the streets and out of trouble.” The Goodman League began with teams only in the local DC area and now has stretched statewide throughout Maryland and Virgina.

As many former NBA players like Kevin Durant, Gilbert Arenas, and Caron Butler have graced the refurbished Goodman court, local standout Andrew “Spongebob” Washington leads the charge. Washington has benefited from Goodman thus resulting in national acclaim. Washington’s success in the Goodman Leauge has propelled him to be featured in the Ball Up Million Dollar Summer Challenge and FightBall. “Playing at Goodman prepared me to play in front of any type of crowd,” Washington proclaimed. “When I was 16 I began playing at Goodman and it helped develop me into a college player and then overseas and display my talents. I’m forever thankful for the Goodman League.” Under the tutelage of Rawls, the Goodman League continues to bring positive vibes to the Barry Farms community.

When asked about the future of Goodman, Rawls humbly explained that he was thankful for where the league came from where they are now, that he’s just taking it one day at a time. For more information on the Goodman League follow on social media @inside_da_gates or their website thegoodmanleaguelive.com