Joey Wilson, CEO of Lost Credit Clothing Company, adding the brand name to the Severn Danza Park basketball court in Severn, Md. |@ShotByDT

Growing up in Anne Arundel County (AAC) can be a difficult experience for many. It’s the suburbs, so, unfortunately, you aren’t always granted the same level of respect as others from the neighboring inner city communities. In most cases than none, whilst living in AAC, your parents are from either Baltimore or D.C; subsequently, you have ties to the city but not the actual life. Ultimately your parents wanted a different life for you, an opportunity they may have wanted to experience as a youth. It wasn’t your choice, but a certain sense of pride must be maintained, even if you are from Severn, Md.

Joey Wilson, a graduate of Meade Senior High School in 2009, took it upon himself to give birth to a new entity. Lost Credit Clothing Company (LCCC) which since its genesis, has become an essential piece of the community for sparking awareness to certain causes and creating trends. The concept behind the name symbolizes that you’ll never receive your entire due diligence for the task you achieve in life, but that’s no discredit to you as an individual.

Wilson uses the brand not only to outfit the community in trendy wear but to originate something of your own. “Lost Credit is a lifestyle. The idea that every individual will lose credit for the stuff they do, big or small, you’ll never get the credit you truly deserve. We uplift the average joes.”, Wilson said.

Last Saturday Lost Credit prepared their third annual All-Star Jam hosted at Severn Danza Park in Severn, Md. Although the action was exciting, the chief focus was not only entertainment but to satisfy the needs of local children as well. The Jam began 2015 in hopes to present an atmosphere of happiness and harmony and in just two years has been the highlight of the summer in AAC.

Since 2015, the Lost Credit team had an epiphany that their efforts in the community through their tournament impact deeper than they realized.  “Outside of the impact for children, we also assist young black-owned business owners. We offer them an opportunity to increase their brand visibility through sponsorships and allowing them to show leadership by coaching,” said Daunte Hill, Lost Credit Creative Director.

Under the diligent eyes of Hill, and Operations Director, Zak Kombet, Lost Credit sponsored backpacks and school supply donations to local Anne Arundel County schools. Their efforts were the primary cog in a drive to raise awareness for the lack of supplies that the children are given at the beginning of the academic year.

Zak Kombet (left) and the Lost Credit team preparing school supply donations to local Anne Arundel County schools| @ShotByDT

Hill, an elementary teacher at Appletree Public Charter School in the Columbia Heights neighborhood of Washington, DC, voiced his admiration for what it means to impact children’s lives not only through basketball but through education. “I was overjoyed, it’s all about working that achievement gap and being a mentor for the youth”, Hill said. “Although this area has resources available, they aren’t always spent wisely especially in education. Our mission, with assistance from the All-Star Jam, is to make sure the children are properly equipped before school begins and we achieved today.”, he continued.

 “Today we brought out local college athletes and gave the kids a taste of what’s in store for the future, all centered around a purpose to better their educational experience. That’s what impacting the community is all about”, Kombet added. As Lost Credit becomes a staple in the community they continue to be a driving force for growth, excellence, and prosperity in AAC.

In almost a family reunion sort of atmosphere people came out that you may not have seen in years, it was epic. By launching different projects, Wilson, Hill, and Kombet look to keep the community together in a time where our worst enemy is separation. Children learn through their eyes more than anyone. By analyzing the impact of combining athletics and academic efforts together for a complete entity, hopefully, they’re inspired to do the same thing in the future. After events like these and the obstacles overcome, we must give credit where it’s due.